Friday, August 20, 2010

Recent landscaping in the side yard...

I, also, came across some deep shade groundcover on clearance while we were at Menard's. It's Japanese Spurge, a dark evergreen shade-lover that was in 6 pk. pots for $3 each. My mind quickly did the math and when I realized that was 36 perennial plants for .50 cents apiece and I have a shady area in the side border bed that could use a little something to fill in...  I grabbed them up, too. The photograph above was taken before I began working on the bed.... remember, hubby just tilled this up and I planted it not too long ago. Not much, other than planting, watering, and weeding has been done to this area, well, until yesterday when I decided it was time to do some re-work to the entire 2 1/2' x approx. 30' border bed. So, I spaded and removed weeds, loosened up all the soil with my shovel and space before setting out to plant the new groundcover. I took a short break, just long enough for a slice of pizza and a nice, cold Bud Light, and got back at it. Before long, I was hot, tired, and satisfied with this [well, for the time being]:

{Why is is all your hard work doesn't look like much in any photograph?} Oh well. I worked on widening the bed, removing a bit more of the sod starting at this brick, strawberry pot end and working my way down. I made it approximately half way, to the basement window well before finally giving up on that and focusing my attention back to loosening the soil and removing weeds, I gotta get those plants planted, remember?! Don't loose sight of the goal now...

It's hard to photograph this area due to the carport, garage, the house and the hardscaping, so I took a few little close-up shots. The limelight coleus loves it here at this north end of the border bed. There's plenty of shade for most of the day and Mother Nature provides a few hours of the hot afternoon sun. I added an old iron hanging dragonfly birdcage that I should clean up of rust and spray paint some bright contrasting color, but for now it serves its decorative purpose.

Further on down the bed towards the south end, lies this butterfly bush.{ I'm not certain what color/style bush this is but I believe I still have the tag... } anyways, while inspecting before beginning to work on this border bed, I discovered an entire pod had gone seed so I collected them! It's thriving well here in the same conditions as those mentioned above; it's from here to the south end of the bed that the amount of afternoon sunlight changes from full to dappled with shade to a deep shade at the southern most end where I opted to plant the new groundcover.

This is the same border bed, taken from the basement window well onwards to the southern corner. The periwinkle is still in bloom here, along with another limelight coleus. A verbana quietly establishes roots and awaits a small trellis to climb upon, while the lilytuft blooms! I've never grown this stuff before so bear with me and my little discoveries and fascinations as I make these observations, LOL! They excite and enchant me... fill me with anticipation of what's next! Seeing its purple blooms excited me, as I didn't realize that they'd even do that! The ruby-something or other coleus, {how's that description, heh?} continues to thrive, providing some contrast and texture to this end of the bed....... also, scattered in is a hosta, an evergreen taxus, and a magnolia tree!

And, after planting....... They're tall for a groundcover, no? {Ignore the root sticking up outta the ground; I've got to cut it out!} But, talk about "healthy"! These baby's roots system were so rootbound inside the plastic pots that they were spliting the sides, just begging to be planted, so I obliged! :)  I know it doesn't look like much now, but just wait til these little babies grow... I'm hoping they'll establish nicely here, continue to grow, so maybe next summer I can divide and transplant some to other areas in the front yard. For now, I'm content just to watch it grows as I weed and water it.

Also, while at Menard's, we discovered the cutest little 8 ft. sections of 4' dog-earred fencing and a short garden gate in the same style.... so I gotta slow down on the plant purchases for a moment or two to start saving my $$$..... two 8 ft. sections of 4 foot fences $50; and the gate $25; 4x4x8 ft. post; and 2 2x6x8ft. treated lumber boards for another arbor $20.... and plants to plant on both sides......... well, you get the picture.  ;)

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