Monday, August 23, 2010

What's happening in the garden...

I have so much to blog about and to share! Not sure exactly where I should start first. Do you want to hear about the Perfume Delight rose that is planted by the rose arbor that is re-blooming! How it smells so good while you are standing here with the sun shining on your face breathing in the rose-scented air? Isn't she a beauty to look at and admire? I had to capture this freshly opening bud before it blooms forth in just a few more hours. You probably wouldn't believe just how much that bud has opened up just since early this morning.

Or I could tell you about the seeds that I collected from the garden this week. There was butterfly bush seeds, some from the salvias, and what I'm hoping are seeds and seed pods from the annual flower, Angelonia that I planted in the watergarden along with the pink and white petunias.

The Pee Gee hydrangea tree is filled with blooms and today is the first day that I have noticed even the hint of pink on any of the panicles. I cannot wait to watch more and more them appear as the weather turns cooler at night and I'm hoping to actually dry some these buds to enjoy inside the studio during the upcoming winter months.

Or perhaps, you'd like to hear about the road trip to Wilson's Garden Center that hubby and I made. We returned with the entire Jeep filled with plants, the aroma was heavenly! How about this gorgeous looking flower? It's a David Austin climbing English rose, named James Galway. I just love his flowers!!!

Or maybe, you'd be surprised to know that I'm slowly working on what I think will work good in the front yard and add some beautiful landscaping. Something along the lines of this gorgeous Caryorteris Blue Mist, a late summer-fall blooming perennial with the most gorgeous cornflower blue flowers you ever did see. I thought the blue would be a nice contrast to the sand {that looks yellow} vinyl siding. I love that I can see this from our living room window and the honey bees seem to really love it!

I, suppose, I could also share the side yard bed that I recently spent the entire day re-working the soil, removing the weeds, re-locating a few plants, and adding a wonderful new ground-cover to help fill the corner area of the border bed. It made quite an improvement and is continuing to grow and thrive.

Or I could tell you about the wonderful day I had planting one of the new plants in the front yard {Blue Mist previously shown}, or how I had a wonderful visit from my godchild, Heaven, who was working on a photography assignment and with whom I spent a wonderful afternoon. I took this candid photo of Heaven while she was intently concentrating on her photography shot. It was interesting to see what she photographed in my garden and so nice to see it from a different perspective.

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