Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's official! Autumn has arrived... and along with it has came some cloudy skies and rain, perfect for fall cleaning and fluffing the pillows! Football season has began and it's definitely sweater weather... which means we've been busy around here! The veggie garden is officially closed for the season. It's been all  tore out, raked, and tilled again. Later this week, we'll be shoveling manure... to burn up the remains of any surviving weeds and to assist fertilizing and breaking down the composing leaves that will soon be covering the soil. A few of the roses continue to bloom, the Radtkopink Double pink KnockOut continues to put on a beautiful display of color; enough so that I've been able to cut enough for small bouquets every other day or so for a continous arrangement to enjoy in our home.

Although, it's still a little too early for the Hocking Hills region of Ohio to be in the peak of Autumn color, we decided to take a road trip with family to the Hocking Hills Scenic Valley train station. Yep, we've loving riding the rails and an enjoyable day was had by all!

Now, we're looking forward to a couple of cool nights spent enjoying the rear deck and jacuzzi, bonfires in the back yard, roasting weiners and melting marshmellows over the open fire, pots of soup, and oven-baked slow-roasted stews, indoor games, movies and comfy clothes and throws. Let the autumn games begin!!! :)

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