Sunday, September 12, 2010

In other news...

A recent wind storm knocked one of my angels over... the iron-looking chippy looking one that stood proudly on the pedastal near the knock-out Rosa. Not only did it get blown off the pedastal, it fell backwards, and completely broke off one of her gorgeous wings. I was so saddened to find her, laying there, broken, but thankfully still in two pieces, so perhaps, I can glue it back.

Purchased a new concrete angel, but I don't seem to be enjoying it as much. I guess the other was sort of specail to me being the first one I'd actually purchased specifically to use in the garden.

I purchase a new submersible pump and fountain fixture for the watergarden basin, but I haven't felt like cleaning it, refilling, and installing it. Don't know if it's the summer time blues, blahs, or if I've just had the wind knocked outta my wings dealing with other things.

I recently primed and painted this old desk that's been tucked upstairs in our attic for years. I've decided to stain the drawer fronts a light oak and maybe soon will be shopping for some new replacement knobs and handles.

I took apart the previous garden journal I started to create as a book and decided to go with a 12x12 scrapbook format. It felt great to be creating again! After I whipped out these three pages, the next one just seemed to "fall out", well, the idea for it... creating it was a bit time comsuming spent stamping, cutting, pasting...

I used a special piece of stationery I've had in my possession next to forever, an event/invitation envelope, which I opened and attached to the background cardstock using a hole punch and several strips of black satin ribbon,tucked under, threaded up and tied on top. The clock image is from Above The Mark and the Found Object is a Stamper's Anonymous stamped image. Shown beside the layout is a tag booklet I created with notes of things I desire to include in my pages, Types of Seed Sown, Sown Date, Outdoor Planting Date, Location, and Notes. Plant Wishlists. {I'll be adding some more pictures and thoughts and ideas, to this one, I'm sure!} Monthly Garden Journal - Jan. - Dec., Things To Do, Notes, What's Blooming, Drawings/Sketches/Pictures labelled with plant locations. Yada, yada, yada.....

Envelope opened, interior shown. I added a section of some of my favorite Cavellini papers, used the pocket for journaling, and another stamped image, "Found Object & Official Investigator" stamp - Stamper's Anon. Bird image - Cavellini papers, decoupaged on background cardstock.


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