Thursday, September 09, 2010

New Beginnings.... the start of some front yard landscaping.

 Recently, we purchased three hostas to add to the partial sun/shade area of our front yard landscaping. We didn't fuss with them too much, mainly Don helped digging a hole just to the east of the Rose of Sharon, while I amended the soil, loosened the potted roots and plopped them in the ground along with a thorough drink of water. 

There was no sense attempting to create beds and borders here just yet, as we've some future plans of making some much needed repairs to re-cover our concrete porch. I'd love to add railings and handrails, and hopefully, a new mailbox post and mailbox before we do too much here in this area. So, I try to avoid planting where things where they only be in the way later.  Also, we aren't completely sure if there are any underground electrical wiring, so we tried to played it a bit safe. We learned a few things along the way. The soil here is compact! I mean clay-rock hard solid! We will definitely need to till it up, just to provide the plants with a healthy bed of soil in which to start their new lives out in. But for now, these little touches are providing some much needed visual interest and are helping to make our home's front yard a bit more inviting. And it's contagious! I've been noticing our neighbor's envying our yard and garden this year and I've also noticed some of our neighbors have cleaned, tidied, and even added a few plants and flowers to their yards. Makes me smile knowing I'm making a good impression on our neighborhood and community.

  Also, a new addition to our garden and front landscaping, is this beauty below! Let me tell you, she's definately "stole the show" so to speak! I get so many compliments and inquiries about this beauty! We just love this new Knock Out Rose, called "Rosa Radrazz"; it's a rose shrub that's been pruned to become a tree!  I planted in our front yard close to our bedroom window, so hopefully, one day the fragrance can waife in......{same plant, different angle... bedroom window in background} :)

This area of the front yard's hardscape is a bit challenging for me to work within... not only is the soil hard, clay, and compact, the area itself is often changing. One moment, it's partially shaded by three huge maple trees, then there's our homes porch and entrance way, and to the east...... it's sunnier the majority of the day. Let's just hope it's enough for this Radrazz to survive here..... I've been reading that roses perfer not to moved. Anyways, by the time we finished up with the planting, dusk began to fall.

Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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