Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dates on the calendar are actually closer than they appear!

I cannot believe it's September already! And, to add insult to injury, we may as well say "mid-September", after all today's the 12th, and we all know that it will be here before we know it! Have you been "feeling" it, too? The beat and rthym of Mother Earth's song, as Summer creeps out and Autumn sets in? I have. I've noticed I'm noticing the ticking of the clock as the sun is rising a little later and setting a little earlier, there's a chill in the early morning air, and often, fog and mist can be seen in the early morning sunlight. The local children have once again returned to school, the grass now has burnt brown patches from the heat of August sun, and there's touches of yellows, browns, and vanilla as Mother Nature once again begins to change her color pallette. The fading roses in our garden and the turning brown of the hydrangea tree was really bittersweet this week. In one instant, I look forward to the cooler weather, but in another, my heart's just not quite ready to let Summer go! Then, I'll spot a sunflower, and well, I guess you know how that story goes...

 And life is also always full of surprises, bringing us sweet, little things;  Sometimes, things we could not ever plan for... like sunflowers that pop-up in the darnest of places, and a plant that you swore was a non-blooming 3 yr. old peony turns out to be nothing more common than a darn old goldenrod weed. }Are you serious?} I think about how I nurture it, watered it everyday, inspected and investigated, looking for signs of just one small bud.. and I cannot help but to laugh not only at myself, but at the jokes that life plays with us, through nature and the hands of a small child. {I'm pretty certain my 4 yr. old grand daughter,  Alexxis, planted the sunflower "SEED" here!} and I even have to admit it's nice to have a little autumn color! :)

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