Sunday, April 10, 2011

March Madness

 March definitely seemed to me like it came  "in like a lion and go out like a lamb." this year.  It seemed to me to be taking its and Mother Nature's good ole time getting here...then turning cold and blowing those brisk Northern winds over the Ohio Valley. To add further to our already sunshine-deprived spirits, we were supposedly blessed with warmer Southern breezes that blew up from the Gulf, containing a lot of moisture which resulted in even more snow, sleet, rain, and any mixture of all of the above.

Many areas of our state were under flood watches and warnings as the Scioto River spilled from its banks. Even the Spring date on the calendar seems to be a bit off with all the below average temperatures we've experienced this year.

Thankfully, over the years, Don and I have become about as accepting of this as we can be under the circumstances and have use our time to make plans and prepare for the upcoming summer months, as we intend to enjoy them fully and most thoroughly.

Don has been working diligently on building his dunebuggy and I'm happy to say that it is now street legal! Now if it would just warm up so we can truly enjoy it... ;)

I've been staying busy with our normal daily routine, getting a slow start on the Spring housecleaning, and dreaming of days at the beach. What began as a dream, has slowly evolved into become a reality as I browsed and searched online, so many different areas to choose from, and I finally setttled for visiting one place I've always desired to go... the Outer Banks of North Carolina! So, I began researching the area and just so happened to stumble upon a great deal for a beach house for a week! Upon contacting the realitor, making a reservation, and finally on to signing the lease... so we will be making a road trip to Corolla, N. Carolina in May! I'm so excited!!! I can hardly contain myself...  just wait til you see what I created with all the information that I've already gathered. I can't promise it will make the weather any better wherever you are located, but I can say it sure helped to pick up my sagging-Spring spirit! :)

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