Sunday, April 10, 2011

Outer Banks Mini-book

I began by altering a Basic Grey Gatefold Mini-Book by removing the pages and creating two new signatures within the book using a pamphlet stitch to attach the signatures to the book's structure and cover. Adding additional pages allowed me to cover a lot of territory and details for our upcoming Outer Banks, NC road trip that I'm certain that I don't want to miss.

To help remind me of some of the places I desire for us to go and visit, to some of the things I'd love to do while we are spending the week there, I saved and printed off some of the pictures that I've used here from some of the actual travel brochures we'll be sure to pick up on our travels, with promises of being "more than just a beach".

Visiting and hoping to see the Wild Spanish Mustangs in the Corova area is probably #1 on my MUST Do list! We will be staying very close to that area, just a bit further south in Corolla.

Therefore, for this signature I focused mainly on that area of the Outer Banks.
The beach house we've leased is located within the Corolla Light Resort area and we will have access to all the amenities the resort offers. I've decided Don and I deserve the "Starring Roles" in this production as we spend our days at the beach, charting our own course as we navigate through the days trying to savor each and every moment of our time spent there.

Visiting the Lighthouses is another MUST See/Do... located within Corolla is the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and is one of five on the Outer Banks. Seeing them will most definitely be "A Wish Came True".

I created a card style closure to hold a few pictures of us and room for some journaling about our adventures.

A K&Co. rub-on, a Cricut cut, and a Corolla tab help decorate the pages.
Another page with room for pictures and journaling...

I've already added my list of things to do!

It is here within the mini-book that I focused my attention completely on the Corolla Light Resort and Corella area. The photos were printed from online brochures and their website to provide me a visual add as well as to serve as reminders of the time we will be spending there.

I created a small accordian style booklet to hold a lot of important information all in one place. Location, physical address, directions, Main office, Sport Center, Maintainance, and Security telephone numbers and a printed email with information from an online friend.

Another page for photographs and journaling to be added...

The Outer Banks area a group of barrier islands along the Eastern coast of North Carolina, the Currituck Sound on the west and the Atlantic ocean on the east... promises to provide the best of both worlds!

Another couple pages for notes, photos, and whatever else.

Names of places within the Corolla area...

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