Monday, February 21, 2005

More on the Artful Journey Journal

Have I mentioned what a wonderful and supportive fiance I have? Today, Don & I went on a road trip where we ended up at Prism's Art Supply. I looked around for 140# cold press watercolor paper and upon finding it remembered the words of an online friend who mentioned how thick this may be.. esp. for layering into an existing journal. So, I looked around for some alternative choices.

Almost immediately a sheet of Canson Mi-Tientes in a beautiful oyster color jumped out at me. I picked up 5 sheets of it in a 95 wt. This is a classic French pastel paper that contains a unique surface grain, smooth on one side and textured on the other. The sheets are 19"x25", acid-free, and are gelatin sized with a high rag content. Sizing is important as it will resist warping and buckling. Another feature of this paper is it penetratible by light and is ideal for oil or soft pastels, graphite, colored pencil, gouache, watercolor or acrylic which means it is versatile for the artists who will be working on it surface. I was so stoked to find it! I picked up some other supplies while there, adhesives, a bottle of Golden's GAC 100, and a new book.

From Prism's we drove in the same shopping center and stopped into Stampland. Norma, the owner, is a wonderful, friendly woman who love to visit and spend time with. Anyways, I picked up a new stamp and a Kaliodoscope Multi-Ink pad. Gotta love that!

But what really made today special; more special than any other day was while we were making the return drive home, Don & I talked about the creation of the Artful Journey Journal. For the first time in quite a while, I felt as if he's finally getting it! I know he understands my desire to create, is supportive of the research, reading, shopping, creating, and yes, even the time it takes away from him, but today was different. He was different. I truly felt for the first time that he understands the passion I have about creating art. He said, "my eyes light up" and "I look so at peace with myself and the world while discussing art." I guess I never realized that nor realized how excited he is to hear me talk about something with so much passion. That just made my entire day! :)

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