Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A good quote!

I receive an email that sometimes contains some great quotes. I really like this one and the concept behind it because it reminded me of starting and growing as an artist.

There is no need for comparison
"Nothing is good or bad but by comparison."
-- Thomas Fuller

We are each unique, so comparing ourselves to others serves no purpose. Even comparing myself to how I was a while back is not usually helpful. Typically, comparison just brings the ego a false sense of either superiority or inferiority. If we let go of comparison and choose instead to completely accept where we are, we can enjoy both peace and growth.
I believe as we grow artistically there is alway a need to compare the artwork that we create to other artists who are creating in a similar style. I feel we are often our own worse critics of the art we create. This quote is great for it reminds me not to compare myself to others or my artwork to their artwork. Resisting that urge and desire truly allows us to grow and we learn to love the art that we create. There is no need to feel under-appreciate or overlooked. My artwork can simply be and extention of me capturing my thoughts and feelings in a moment in time; without rhyme or reason. I feel by simply accepting it for what it is, I can grow more creatively as an artist, explore freely, and develop a style that is unique only to me.
Maybe I should print this out and hang it on my chalkboard within the studio for a while. What a great affirmation! and a gentle reminder to be good to yourself.

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