Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Living Room Remodel nearing completion....

Am I ever impressed! Patty made it over yesterday and we worked on getting the other half of my living room ceiling painted. Definately a lot easier than one person doing it all; we sort of tag-teamed it and got it finished in record time. While Patty finished it up, I cooked us a light dinner out on the grill. After cleaning it up, we hit the last remaining wall with paint and got the second coat on the window trim. While everything except the TV and additional components were removed from that side of the room, we shampoo'd the carpet.

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, so lots of breaks were taken providing Patty time to feed and change Dakota, and for us to talk and laugh. We enjoyed the sunshine out on the deck, and the new patio set was a lifesaver at keeping the baby out of the sun. Late in the afternoon, I whipped up a pitcher of Margarita's that we enjoyed immensely while washing up and cleaning out the Jeep Cherokee.

Around 8 o'clock, Amber and Chris stopped by for a brief visit. She's looking good; losing the weight she's gained from the pregnancy. Her feelings are still very tender over the miscarriage, and seeing Dakota was hard on her. She's feeling a little robbed; but I was proud of her as she said, "Mom taught me not to be jealous of anyone's blessings for surely they've earned them, too." We chatted and visited for a while before they had to leave as they both have to work today.

Heaven, Patty's dd, and my god-child returned from her friends with her hair highlighted. She looks adorable and loves it. She is such a good child, filled with laughter. She enjoyed seeing Amber, it has been such a long time for her. After all the good-byes and plans to get together, Don and I moved the furniture back. I caught a little bit of the "Amazing Race" before jumping into the tub and comfy pj's. We went to bed early only to wake up around 2 a.m. so we both raided the refrigerator, LOL! I had an egg sandwich which I was craving for some odd reason. Upon going back to bed I slept like a baby!

Getting up this a.m. I'm loving the living room color. The fresh white ceiling paint and the Churchhill Hotel Vanilla on the walls makes the room seem so much wider! Don & I both are loving it! Today, I plan to clean my little bit of knick-knacks that will go back in the room, hang up a few pictures, and clean the rest of the house a bit. Not much to do, just little odds and ends. I don't think I'll make it out in the studio today; however, Don works tomorrow so I'm hopeful to finish a few pages in the journal RR, get embellishments baggied up for a swap. Patty and I made plans to take Heaven to the Moose in the evening for Family night, pizza and karoking! I think she'll enjoy that and I'm ready for a little R&R!

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