Friday, April 22, 2005

Tying up those loose ends.......

What a week! I've been so busy that even my head is spinning. Our living room is finally painted. Furniture where I want it and things are really coming together. I managed to get the computer in the amoire as well, although I've some mixed feelings of how well I like it. It is great when closed, all the components being out of sight; it is adjusting to using it that is so different. However, I believe it will grow on me. I ran into two problems.... one my scanner doesn't fit so I think I'm going to hook the scanner up to the computer in the studio since it is mostly used to upload artwork anyways; and two, somewhere along the way, I misplaced my power cord to my printer... urgh. I'm sure I'll find it, and if not maybe a new printer is what I need! Sometimes it is cheaper to buy an entire new printer than it is ink refills, LOL! So we'll see.

Anyways, I managed to get the rest of the house cleaned yesterday. Found a little time to simply lay on the couch and relax. I did bring in a bit of supplies to create 10 new ATC's, packaged up a swap to be mailed today.

Deb, Jackie, and Chris are supposed to come over and hang out in the studio tonight; hopefully the thunderstorms we're supposed to get won't interfere with that. It is going to be a wait and see type thing.... I believe I'll create more ATC's tonight so that I'll quite a stash to last me a little while. I received some wonderful ATC's in a return swap this week, one had me laughing so hard I almost cried. I love humorous ones... the theme was "Going Postal" and the ATC contained a glassine envy with a "Dear John" letter. I loved it!

I'm planning to post some artwork soon... so stay tuned.

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