Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What a day!

Pattie and Dakota came over yesterday. We worked a bit on the living room wall, sanding off joint compound, pulling a few remaining nails and filling them in. I painted the first coat of white enamel paint onto the window trim and will finish that up today. Need to hit the new joint compound spots and check for shrinkage before sanding and seeing if it needs more. I'm not looking forward to painting this half of the ceiling. YUCK! Such a mess..... and moving furniture isn't my idea of fun. I don't mind moving the chairs as much as I dislike the thought of moving the TV and messing with all the electric components of the DVD; Digital box, etc. Oh, well, it has to be done.

I checked the remaining paint in the can for the computer amoire. Unfortunately, I'm going to need yet another quart. One shelf inside, the keyboard tray and slide out, drawer front, and one final coat on top and that baby will be ready to polyurathane. At least there is an end in sight! Sigh.

After painting, we ran out to Big Lots to purchase a new Patio set. We got a great bargain on it. Glass top rectangular table, 6 chairs, umbrella and umbrella stand for approx. $300.00 Upon returning from picking it up and assembling it we had a quick cookout on the grill before Don headed to work. I love it! We've talked of getting one ever since we finished the back deck over 3 yrs. ago so I suppose it was about time. As I begin to look around our home, see all the progress we've made remodeling it, I can truly say that I love my home! Hopefully, in a few years it will all be done except touch ups and keeping up with re-painting. Gotta love that!

I will be out in the studio for a bit today.... preparing a page or two in the journal RR, packing Christi's Whimiscal Writing, getting a swap packaged, and some ATC's for RAKing . Hopefully, it will be a trip event to the P.O. on Friday.

Well, I'm off to work out!!!! I've got a new peice of artwork to upload later........ so until then....

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