Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ready for Monday........

What a week! this past week has been. Although, I managed to get a lot accomplished, there is always more to do. I'm hopeful after attacking the house today that I can get some of the boxes of things I've packed up gone through. Some contain art supplies that need a home in the studio, while others are odds and ends from the living room remodeling. I cannot stand boxes of stuff!!! So, it will be a week of sorting, purging, and organizing the "keepables"; hopefully, fixing the shelf in my studio that has fallen.

I had a wonderful time in the studio this weekend. Friday night, Deb, Jackie, Christine and I got together and created and played. I don't believe I've laughed so hard in a long time, as Chris and I got a little spunky making some *risque* ATC's ---- probably best kept for a "private collection", ROFLOL! I also "fried" my heat embossing tool! Not paying attention to what I was doing, I set it down, while on, right on the barrel. Thinking, "okay, it is just a safety feature, it will come on after it cools", I set it aside. A half hour or so later, I checked and "yep, I killed it!" I guess that is as good as excuse as any to go shopping! LOL!

Yesterday, I recreated 9 ATC's for a "Winged Things" swap. There was nothing wrong with first batch I created earlier this week, I just discovered another design idea I liked better. So, I offered the 9 previous ones for RAK's in a group I've been a member of for a year or so.

I also discovered, I've a major problem.... A squirrel has decided to make a new home in the wall of my studio! It liked to have scared the be-jesus out of me yesterday when I first heard it chattering, then, scurring up the outside wall. So a search for where it got in will be underway along with a trap set to catch and relocate it; hopefully, it won't return.... Don thinks we can capture it. Lord, I hope so....

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