Monday, April 25, 2005

What a day yesterday was! A little too much excitement for me....... Don & I decided to go out of town for a steak dinner late in the afternoon. It was still snowing lightly as we headed out, the roads were wet but not frozen, as we hit St. Rt. 23 heading towards Columbus. As soon as we passed the St. Rt. 95 exit, our hood on the Jeep flew up! and came back at us hitting the windshield. Luckily, the hood hinges didn't break or the windshield and we managed to get off the road safely. After making sure the hood was once again secured we turned around and come home; exchanging vehicles. I was so shook up that I lost all desire to go out of town, so to Bob Evans we went.

Today, Don took the Jeep into Jerry, who fixed the hood and will be removing a hood latch from another Jeep he has for parts. It seems the latch simply rusted. Thankfully, we are both safe.

I'm working on cleaning the house up from the weekend; I got a little lazy, LOL! Spent the day Saturday in the studio and Sunday lounging around. I offered 9 ATC's for RAK in an online group so I'm checking in off and on in between cleaning as I'll be going to the P.O. later this afternoon. I'm hoping to sort some of the boxes, purging, finding homes for keepables, and moving some things out to the studio to get put away later this week. Looks like my workout will be waiting until early evening but I'm still doing it!

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