Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's Agenda.........

Wow! Where did the week go? I cannot believe it is Thursday already.......... the good news is I've managed to accomplish quite a bit that I set out to do. The Art Journal RR is mailed; Christy's Whimsical Writing Pages are created and ready to be packaged up; all the ATC's I created and RAK'd are sent; Melanie's pictures of Flat Stanley are developed; an additional ATC Swap is mailed and I should be receiving one.

Yesterday, Don & I went to Target where I purchased another printer! It is the same one I have currently and have yet to find the lost USB cable for. I knew my black ink was getting low and after pricing it and a USB cable {along with the chance it might not work}, it turned out to be a bargain just to purchase an entirely new printer! Today's agenda is to hook up the USB cable, replace the black ink cartridge, and get a few things printed off that I'll be needing later as the journal RR continues.

I sorted through one box from the living room remodel and created two boxes from it! Sheesh.... anyways one goes out to the studio to be sorted through once again and put away.
My studio is in a state of disarray! Inks, supplies, and paper everywhere. I'm hopeful to get it straightened up once again. At least in a workable state. I'm really missing my scanner; so I'll be looking for the software to install in the computer in the studio so I can upload some new art soon.

This evening, Patti, Heaven, and I will be going to the Moose for family night: Pizza and Karoke!!! It will be great to have a distraction and get some R&R in. I'm hopeful to get the studio cleaned, more organizing done, scanner hooked up to the computer in the studio and begin figuring out what I need to be packing up for National Scrapbook Day crop on May 7th and 8th. Sounds like next week will be fffflllllyyyyying....... by too.

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