Monday, May 09, 2005

A Day in May....

Trying to make it out into the studio everyday in May is turning into quite a challenge! I've made it several times, but not every one. I discovered I'm simply too busy!!! Last Friday, I worked on Mel's Flat Stanley book. Decided I didn't like the look of the bright colors I'd previously completed, so I removed the items and started all over again on 8.5x11 pages which I'm planning to add to a 3 ring binder with page protectors to get this finished and sent off. I worked on 14 pages which I absolutely love! My new goal is to work on an Art Journal, get it sent off and then finish the Melanie's Flat Stanley book. I believe I'm simply going to extend the "Day in May" concept into June, LOL!

During the week I worked around the house and in the studio. Packed up for a 39 hour NSD crop that was held Friday at 9 a.m. and ran through Saturday at 12 midnight. I cropped 34 hrs. out of the 39!!!! came home at 5 a.m. Friday morning for 4.5 hrs. sleep and returned around 11 a.m. on Saturday. I managed to complete an ATC swap which I haven't signed up for yet; more ATC created for RAK's; took an Envelope Book class in which we constructed the book from an Accu-Cut template, then assembled, and were left to decorate on our own for a bit before returning to yet another class on the embellishments. {which Chris, Jackie, Deb, and I didn't do as we worked on our books in our own altered style!} A lot to the other participants flipped over our books once completed; each filled with eye candy, very unique and personal! I'll need to scan and upload mine........ once I manage to hook the scanner back up to the computer in the studio ---- I've still haven't managed to find the time to get that done. Another item to add to my ever-growing and changing "To Do List", LOL!

The weekend was one of the funnest times I've had in a long, long time. I discovered I really enjoy getting out and going some where different, mingling with like-minded artists, and the "Fabulous 4" {Deb, Jackie, Chris, and I} simply do not get together often enough.... we're going to have to rectify that! :)

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