Monday, October 22, 2007

Another hard day of work...

was spent on our living room and "Oh My God!" after four solid days of working to get it ready for the new furniture, am I ever feeling it! We have managed to accomplish so much in a very short amount of time. Today, Don and I measured, miter cut, and installed the baseboards over the laminate flooring. I cannot even begin to tell you just exactly how long I've waited for this day to arrive... but arrive it has!

Today, I focused my attention to washing down the two walls of hickory paneling, moving the TV ump-teen times, to finally resolving to putting it back in its original spot. Isn't it funny how that seems to happen? Anyways, I swapped out one piece of furniture for another to hold our electrical components, and placed it next to the TV. I, also, swapped out the love seat and end stand on one side of the room with Don's chair and end stand on the opposite side so as I could move them further down along the wall to create space for the computer desk to be placed where the hutch was previously located. I had to move our hutch to the opposite side of the room {the one I'm attempting to keep empty for the new furniture {gasp!} as I figured the hutch will work better with the dark wood the new furniture has vs. the computer desk I'm now using. And why is it, now that the computer has been relocated and reconnected, that this sound so easy when I type it? I can assure you that it wasn't, LOL!

Anyways, our living room is coming together beautifully and even Don was sweetly surprised when he arrived home late this afternoon! While he was gone today, I made a trip out to the studio to gather up the Tina Chaden prints and the largest of my black wire Eiffel towers. I placed the Eiffel tower on top of the electrical components stand next to the TV and it provides the perfect visual weight and height to that section of the room and was needed. I got the black framed prints hung in an arrangement that I like and I was so right in how I thought adding them would help me to embrace the black and platinum on the TV. I actually love it now; it provides just the right contrast of light and dark.

I continued working, dressing up our end stands with an off-white, not quite vanilla, battenburg lace, which I placed on each of our endstands, yet under a lamp to leave room for the tabletops to still be beautiful, yet functional. And finally, since the baseboards had been installed, I was able to hang all of our freshly laundered curtains... and say "bye-bye" to the white mini-blinds quietly hidden underneath. The room, or should I now refer to them as rooms?, definitely feels warmer, more cozier, like a home should feel! There is also a sense of balance now that the colors coordinate between the living room and the kitchen.

A few more trips were made to the studio... One to retrieve the beautiful, large green rug that will provide warmth to the hardwood floors and comfort in front of the new sofa couch as well as anchor the coffee table on the opposite side of the living room; and the second, to grab a chair cushion for my computer desk and a new, never before used teacup and saucer --- both of which I'm enjoying immensely at the moment! As I sit and update my blog, sipping the warm liquid of Passionfruit Papaya from The Republic of Tea, I feel comfortable and a well deserved sense of pride for all I've accomplished in making our house into a beautiful home!

Of course, there's more to be done, decisions to be made as far as what accessories I desire to replace within the opposite side of the room, but for now I'm perfect content and caught up in this moment. For tomorrow's another day... {smiles}


IsabellaCloset said...

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IsabellaCloset said...

Cathy, Could you please give me your email address so I can send your banner. Thanks :-} ~Mary!