Friday, October 26, 2007

The redecorating continues...

Don and I continued to keep busy throughout the week and have managed to accomplish quite a lot. Between the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning up afterwards, and laundry that had to be maintained, we've faced some challenges and obstacles, mostly consisting of where to put things so they are out of the way! A few items required more muscle that than the two of us have to move or remove, but with a little help from our family, we've made it through!

On top of preparing the living room for our new furniture, we've began our fall cleaning. In the kitchen, drawers and cabinets have been cleared of a few years of "junk" accumulation. We sorted using the keep, give away, throw away, and "putting thing back where they belong" method of removal. Other items made their way into a box for a yard sale to be held in the early in the next summer. As we worked, we both found ourselves wondering where this "stuff" comes from and realize it is years of not knowing what in the heck we're going to do with it in the first place and our busy lifestyles. Hopefully, we'll learn to recognize that behavior in our ourselves and deal with those things in a more immediate fashion so can avoid some of this in our future. Wish us luck with that one, LOL! It seems we both start out with good intentions that somehow get scattered about the wayside of our lives.

We did, however, take advantage of the beautiful Ohio weather yesterday by removing the patio furniture and decor for winter storing. Doing that was bittersweet as I'm not yet feeling ready to let go of our outdoor living space and all that goes along with it. But, such is life, huh? Yet, I know in my heart that there will be many more activities to replace those.

Earlier in the week, we received a telephoned call from Dalton Direct to inform us that our furniture should arrive today! I'm excited as I wait for yet another telephone call to inform us that is in fact in and available for pick up on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Well, I need to run as there still things that require my attention, but I'll be back soon, hopefully with some pictures to share!

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