Saturday, October 27, 2007

Decorating doubts...

Yesterday, I had to take a break from decorating. While I was waiting for "the telephone call" that our furniture was in and available for pick up on Sunday, I was beginning to start second guessing all of the decisions that I had previously made. I was plagued by all the "what if's". I wondered "what if?" the couch and end stands don't fit? What options will I have then? Is this "divide and conquer" strategy of mine, really going to work? Am I using too many patterns? too many colors? too many textures? Am I certain that purchasing a solid color sofa was going to compliment the busi-ness of the pattern of our existing furniture even though it is now "in another room"? Was pine really the color to go with? Won't there be too many shades of it within the two rooms? How is this going to look with that? What if there isn't enought light? And speaking of lights, will I ever find a ceiling fixture and a set of lamps that co-ordinates with these pieces that I love and will we be able to afford them? Looking at our all the options available online took a good portion of my morning yesterday and I not only was in shocked at some of the prices but viewing them compounded my fears!

I began doubting myself even further, asking myself if I was certain that I want to use this solid rug? After all, the sofa is a solid color? Won't that be too much? And, then, I moved on to getting a bit fed up with not being able to get on with the fun part of all --- accessorizing and getting the rest of my house back together. I looked back and wondered how I made it through all the remodeling that we've done, LOL! and I don't ever remember feeling quite this way then.

Don't get me wrong, I love to decorate, but I've never before tackled a decorating project that has ever been so important to me. Perhaps that is why decorating our living room was always pushed onto the back burner. Not to mention again the challenges and obstacles we've both faced within thus space!

So finally, I decided to sit down and think, long and hard about the look that I'm attempting to achieve. However, it wasn't even coming together! I don't know what "look" I'm after. Heck, in all honesty, I could not even tell you the style of the sofa and end tables that I purchased, LOL! but I know that I instantly fell in love with them. Throwing my hands up in frustration, I knew I really need to re-group!

I began by asking myself, what am I attempting to accomplish here in this space? At least my answer remained the same! I desire a warm, welcoming space to welcome family, friends, and guests. A place to sit comfortably while reading a good book, writing in my journals, rocking my grandbaby, Alexxis, to sleep, and watching TV. A place to spend quality time and entertain our family and friends. I want us to be in a safe place, something important as Don's was born with Cerebral Palsy and Alessix will be walking about. I want a space that expresses both of our personalities, that cobination that's not quite masculine nor too feminine yet promotes harmony between the objects within it the room and us. I want a HOME, a retreat, a sanctuary from the outside world, my own special, soft place to fall when life gets to be too much.

Needless to say, I was obsessing too much and quickly began to recognized it. I began to ask myself, "So what?" if that doesn't work and this doesn't match exactly? Am I not already happy here? Are we not already experiencing the comforts of home? And you know, instantly, my world became right again. When Don arrived home, we telephoned Dalton Direct and "Yes! Our furniture is available for pick up." Somehow, things will work themselves out, I just know it.

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