Friday, October 26, 2007

How cool is this?

I love it! It is a blog banner that my newest blog-friend, Mary of created for me. I won, along with 13 others winners {Congratulations, ladies!} my first ever blog give-away! And it was truly a stroke of luck that I discovered Mary's blog and I hesitated a moment before thinking what the heck and entering into her blog giveaway. Before beginning the remodeling, I spent a morning blog-hopping; you know how you do, read on blog, click on one of their links, read some more, click a link until you finally wonder how you end up wherever you are, LOL! Well, I discovered Isabella's Closet from a link on Amy Wagner's blog: Amy had a link to Mary, along with a notation that Mary is an Ohio blogger and I instantly wondered where she was located, so I visited. Thank you so much, Mary! I love this banner and will install it once the remodeling and re-organization calms down here. And speaking of give-away's --- I'm planning to host my own first ever blog give-away. I decided to wait until I reach my 2000th post and I'm currently at 1450, so it shouldn't take me too long to be ready to host away!

I've also been desiring to get my blog links back up. Unfortunately, I lost them all when I changed over to Blogger Beta and simply haven't found the time to get all those that I desire to add categorize and linked up. Soon, I promise!


Amy Wagner said...

Thanks for the shout out. It was sweet of you to mention my blog!!

Cathy said...

Amy, you are so very welcome. I was so happy to discover your blog and find other Ohio bloggers. I'm not certain why they didn't hyperlink and would love your permission to add a link to your blog on mine when I'm ready to start working on them.