Saturday, October 27, 2007

I could look at this all day!

Probably is a good thing, LOL!, seeing as how this is a picute of our new sofa, coffee table, and endstands that we just purchased. I found this picture on the internet this morning after remembering a conversation with Dalton yesterday. A quick google search lead me right to it. Isn't it gorgeous? Don and both love it, the clean curvilinear shape, the color, the wood. I am amazed and mesmerized by this picture! See that wall color? It's a bit brighter, warmer, more yellow than the Toasted Wheat that I choose, however, the gold sheers in our living room cast that golden glow onto the walls. I love how there's no hard edges on either the sofa nor the coffee table or end stands as that will provide a safe place for both Don and Alexxis as they manuever about. Another similarity is the use of white in this pic, as we long ago painted our interior wood trim white. Other features are the use of the gold frames on the pictures that are shown - I do have a few gold frames and the pictures within them will work in the event that my studio stuff doesn't! I feel better already....

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Amy Wagner said...

I like the furniture. You must be so excited to have a "new spot to rest yourself".