Sunday, October 21, 2007

The re-decorating continues...

Sorry, I do not have any pics to share here on my blog as of yet, however, the re-decorating project has been well under way for the past two days. The living room has been striped of all the home decor items, furniture has been moved, and the walls and hallway have been washed and several fresh new coats of paint have been added. The color is absolutely gorgeous! The paint we used is Behr's brand of paint, available at Home Depot's, and the color is called, "Toasted Wheat" and My! is it ever so sweet. We absolutely love it and I'm getting excited as we continue to make progress.

We haven't heard anything regarding the new furniture as of today and are keeping our fingers crossed that "no news is good news!" My dad has offered us his services and use of his pick-up and we'll use Shawn's trailer to bring it home in the event that this beautiful Ohio weather continues to co-operate. Of course, there is still things that need to be done prior to worrying about that and we'll communication with Dalton Direct via telephone.

While Don worked yesterday afternoon, I sort of puttered about, moving what pieces of furniture I could as safely as possible. Everything in both areas of the room either has received or will receive a thorough cleaning, so I removed all our knick-knacks, moving them into the kitchen to receive a good washing. As I worked, I felt truly blessed, remembering when we picked this up and item here and there, and when this was given to us by a cherished family member or friend. I began considering what items I'm desiring to place back into the room and where. Of course, there's always that unexpected surprise so we will have to wait to see what works best once the furniture is actually here.

Today promises to be yet another beautiful day and I certainly hope the weather man is right as we'll be staining some new baseboard outside and miter cutting it, prior to installing it in the room. Also, on the agenda is washing down the paneling, shampooing the carpet and furniture on the opposite side of the room. So, there is still a lot that needs to be done while we're waiting. And you know, the waiting is really the hardest part. {smile}


Amy Wagner said...

I am so happy you found me!!!!!! I have read some of your blog entries this morning and some of your Road Trip entries to see where you've been.
I drive to Maumee twice every week. I take my friend's Dad to Alzheimer's day care at a church along the Maumee River. We have been friends since the 1970's and she now lives in the Grand Rapids Mi area so I am kind of their adopted daugter since I still live nearby.

I take my family to the Toledo Zoo at least once per week each summer as we have a membership.
My step Mom's ancestor was the one who was witness to Tecumseh being killed at the battle of Fallen Timbers. He is written about in history books. I am big time into genealogy!!
I will list your site on my favorites list.
So good to make a friend in you!
Did you see I am selling some of my rubber stamps?????? Maybe YOU NEED some of them. Teehee!

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for the visit! I loved reading your blog and was sweetly surprised by the fact that you also live in Ohio and shared a lot of the same interests as I do. I tell you, once things settle down around here, we have to do an ATC swap! :)