Thursday, February 07, 2008

CED - Doing what feels right!

Yesterday was an extremely busy day! Don and I ran a few errands, stopped by the Social Security office to file my name change, only to discover my ID is also expired and has to be changed first. After receiving a verification from them to take to our state's BMV office, I was feeling a bit frustrated with all that has to be done, so we stopped for a nice, quiet lunch out. At Pizza Hut, I ran into an old friend and once studio buddy. Kathy's re-uping her consultant status for Stampin' Up! so she'll visit with me soon and I'm hoping to place an order with her soon.

Later in the afternoon stopped in our favorite flower shop so that I could pick up a "pick-me-up" gift for my hairdresser, who's been having a very rough time lately. I didn't pick up a vase of these star gazer lilies but I have to admit I was very tempted to purchase a vase filled with them, some carnations, and pink larkspur for our home. However, I resisted . But only by sticking my head into the cooler and breathing in deeply, LOL! These stargazer lilies set amidst a variety of roses, the scent was surely was heaven! So, I did take a moment to stop and smell the roses!

While there, I found a pink wire heart shaped basket, a resin cardinal, and had our favorite florist add a small bird's nest under the figurine and a few pieces of greenery surrounding the nest and on the top of the heart as it sets on it's side. A card that read, "Just because..." and we were off once again to deliver it.

We visited with Rita for awhile as she only had one client and her next appointment didn't show. She showed us her apartment that is currently being renovated/remodeled next to her store. It's in an older building downtown and her salon is situated next to it. It's been a work in process for her for over a year now so Don and I offered our services of scraping the old, peeling paint off of the ceilings where she'll be having two loft style bedrooms situated. The remainder of the space will be all open to the extremely high ceilings and will be absolutely beautiful once done. I was thinking I'd be able to get up there in the next several days, not realizing that I'd have Alexxis. So a quick telephone call, a trip to Lowes for some necessary supplies, and Don and I scraped all the loose paint off her ceilings from 5:30 - approx. 8 p.m. I worked for another half an hour sweeping up our mess and will need to try to get back there to do some further cleaning. There's areas in the ceiling where the paint wouldn't come off so I'll need to do some sanding with a hand sander when life allows me some free time. I'll have Alexxis the next several days and Amber and Chris will be moving to their new home soon, so I have a lot to keep me busy for awhile!

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liannallama said...

you are so sweet! What a wonderful friend you are--I bet she appreciated your help and thoughtfulness so much!