Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CED 2008 ` Back to decorating thoughts and ideas.

I've spent the last several days deep cleaning and de-cluttering our home. While I was working my imagination was completely entranced upon some of the home decor changes that we're desiring to make, mainly to our living room area. I found myself returning to once again look at this ceiling light fixture from Minka Lavery's Belcaro Collection.

We both love it's traditional old world, southern Tuscany style. It's intrincately master carvings taken from a 17th century farmhouse style, and the aged champagne glass globe reflects the champagne countertops that we've carried into our kitchen. We're drawn to the semi-flush mount style and the walnut-y finish should blend nicely into the rooms aged bronzed lamps that reflects the old world look we're striving for, without appearing to matchy-matchy.

Since this area is adjacent to our main living room and right out in the open, we truly desire that "lived in" appearance here as well, yet an area for formal entertaining when we share company with our family and friends. The fixtures measures 14.5" H x 18" W x 18" D so it would be a nice replacement fixture for the ceiling fan that is currently in the room. It's warm glow, also appeals to me as this fixture will be more for an ambient lighting effect in the room, while the lamps provide us light for task lighting.

On Sunday, Don and I took a road trip and made a stop into Home Goods. {I so love that store!} We saw other mirrors in this same size priced anywhere from $49.99 and up to and over $100.00's, so finding this one for $19.99, we felt as if we'd stumbled upon the bargain of the day! Upon hanging it, in it's temporary location to protect it and Chaos and Alexxis from injury, we instantly notice how it adds additional light to our home by relecting even more light into the room. The mirror's finish isn't exactly what we desired, but I believe by using some of Modern Options finishes and some rub-n-buff, I can darken it to one we do desire.

You can see, in the mirror's reflection, the ceiling fan that we're desiring to replace and the niche in the wall that we haven't quite figured out exactly what to do with. I've been thinking of mimicing the appearance of a faux fireplace mantle here. Perhaps this mirror hung over that area , it's certainly large enough, and the addition of a large, thick, darker. aged wooden beam resting upon some intricately carved acanthus leaf corbels would add a touch of architechual detail the room currently lacks.

We are also desiring to add at least one large live palm to the space to soften some of the hardscaped areas of the room, mainly behind this leather recliner. We have to have access to the outside light switch, so a plant placed here would be perfect!

We believe with these additions, a few accent pieces upon the finished mantle, and we'll be where we desire to be on this half of the living room. I'm still searching for something lighter for replacing the heavier tapestry style curtains that hang on the picture window. I don't won't to do away with them entirely, just replace them seasonally during the Spring and Summer months. I'm thinking something a bit heavier than the gold sheers, green or even a soft burgandy/rose color?

I'm also remaining hopeful that just possibly this summer, I can get back to staining some wood trim to replace the currently white painted window trims with. At least in comparison to replacing the flooring in this space, and some of home's remodeling, these decorating projects won't require us a lot of cost and as much hard work.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Cathy, nice find on that mirror! That's a great price. You can easily change the finish on that to a bronzey tone. I used Sophisticated Finishes, so am not familiar with the one you mentioned. I know you can get the SF at Michaels in little craft bottles. I used the Blackened Bronze to darken several things I have & it works great painting it on with a small brush. If you wanted a little gleam after you use that, you could go back & add a little antique gold Rub N Buff over it to highlight the details. That should work great!

Thanks for stopping by, please come back again. And let me know if you have more questions.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, and you asked about priming. You shouldn't have to prime if the mirror isn't really glossy to start with. The SF products stick to most any surface except shiny brass, so if you use that you should be fine with no primer.