Friday, February 01, 2008

Every so often...

I'll remember a sweet memory. Sometimes, its a certain smell, something I overheard, or a sound that will trigger a memory, but today, I just couldn't quite put my finger on what reminded me of this memory from so many years ago.

I was in the kitchen, dicing up potatoes for home-made potatoe soup, humming to myself while Little Miss played quietly on the floor near my feet. As I turned to rinse the diced potatoes, it hit me! A sweet summer-y scent with a mix of the mysterious. It was something that I've smelled befored and a warm feeling surrounded me like a hug. As I set back to working on my soup, my mind wondered what in the world was that smell? I knew it. I tried to re-capture it, but it was long, long gone. So, I turned my attention back to creating soup, getting Alexxis and I some lunch, and later while cuddling her on the couch, my mind once again returned to wondering about it.

This time, I could smell it again, like it come out of nowhere on a gentle breeze, lingered for a moment, before it was gone. As I laid beside Alexxis, both of almost drifting off to sleep, I remember it! It was the scent of Strawberry Musk perfume! It was the first perfume I had ever purchased for myself, shortly before I turned 16 years old! I remembered that day like it was yesterday as I paid for my purchase and I remember how proud I was because I had earned the money to pay for it all by myself. It was my birthday present to me, from me! The perfume was only an ounce, but it came in the prettiest bottle! A red strawberry glass shaped bottle that the cap attached to a gold chain. But it was the sweetest most heavenly smell that captured me.

Tonight I did an internet search, I didn't discover any strawberry musk perfume but there are a few incense companies that manufacturer it. I may just have to make a purchase, and remember my sweet 16th birthday whenever I desire.

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Charlene said...

Check with The Vermont Country Store. I looked and they don't seem to have it now, but you can ask them to find old items...Do you remember the name? They stil have Evening in Paris and Jade East.