Thursday, March 06, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Recent thoughts and activities

As I've previously mentioned, the weather here in Ohio has been crazy! Warm one day, and freezing the next. But it is March, after all, and it typically "comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb."

Tuesday brought us a mix of ice and snow and a beautiful, serene winter land; if you're into Winter's garden scenes. Even while my soul is longing for Spring, I couldn't help but to be amazed by nature's beauty.

Although, I worry about the freezing temperatures on the buds that we've recently seen begin to sprout forth on some of our trees and bushes, not to mention some of the damage the weight from the ice has caused. Although, I guess I should appreciate that it has pointed out some troubled and problem areas in our landscaping that we need think, plan, and do something about. Perhaps, later in the spring. Right now, I'm not certain that this weather is even fit for the birds, but this small, little creature didn't seem to be complaining.

At least, not as loudly as I seemed to be while curled up here,

enjoying these

the past several day, secretly wishing it would all just go away.

Today, I'll get part of my wish, as the temperatures rise to 45 degrees and continues to melt all the ice and snow. In my heart, I realize it's too soon to get my hopes up as we've another Winter Storm Warning and Watch on the way for Friday and Saturday. The weather service, it seems, is even uncertain of what to actually expect as another low pressure systems begins to head our way bringing even more moisture up from the gulf. It appears we're in for yet another icy mix, with the chance of snow accumulations ranging anywhere from 2"-4" or 6 - 8 inches, depending upon how exactly the storm tracks, before changing over to icy rain once again.

I believe I'm going to hibernate --- just a little bit longer!


bec said...

What's that beautiful bright cardinal doing up there? All his friends and their mates are hanging out at my feeders! Can't say I've ever seen one look that vivid - wow, great picture! I feel for you - you know I'm a northern girl, and it wasn't too long ago we had that incredible ice storm of the century in OH. Keep cozied up to hubby and stay safe and warm! Signs of spring for those of us who make art from the soul is a tremendous time to work on our stuff!

Sue McGettigan said...

What amazing photos Cathy - having zero snow or ice here in our part of Southern California I find it fascinating!! Stay warm!

liannallama said...

oh, wow! That ice is beautiful and I've never seen a cardinal like that before--just photos or maybe at the zoo! Beautiful pics. Sorry the blizzard came to you, but the pics are so amazing! I hope you stayed warm and relaxed! I wish your studio was attached to your house with heating and AC! Then you would welcome a blizzard, LOL!