Thursday, March 20, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Water colored Dreams

Ever since I had that dream and remembered it upon awakening, the desire to play with my watercolors has been beckoning to me. For many years now I've desired to start a visual journal, but somehow I never seemed to actually get started. While I was working around our home today, I felt this urge beginning to get stronger and stronger and I began asking myself, "If not now, when? When will I begin? Suddenly I started thinking, "Perhaps Today? Maybe Tommorow? Possibly "Someday?" and I began to wonder, "what if my "someday" never comes?" Who would know of all the hopes and dreams that I carry around inside of me? Suddenly realizing that these moments, my hopes and dreams would be lost forever should anything ever happen to me, I felt compelled to create this. Hopefully, this will be the first of many pages to come. I am not going to set any obligations upon myself to accomplish this task, other than to keep my supplies close, near at hand, and work on creating them when the urge strikes me. I hope my blog reader's will enjoy seeing these pages, scattered here and there, for they are the breathings of my heart. I hope that I can do the pages justice by going in and getting deeper into my thoughts and feelings. I've always admired that those qualities in others who do. And as I think about it, my medium may take an occasional twist and turn, just as much as my life, and my blog post do. By creating this way, I am staying true to who I am. For I truly like a beautiful butterfly, one who often seeks and needs the shelter of a cocoon; who needs to sometimes crawl like a caterpillar, before finally unfurling its wings and learning how to fly!

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