Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'd written the previous post earlier this morning and saved it as a draft, before I finally decided to open it up and just publish it. I haven't made out to put the chemicals in the jacuzzi yet as I was chatting it up with Don before he left for the store.
Shortly after he left and while I was on typing the draft, I was noticing my computer was making me uncomfortable. It was a mess! A pile of papers, craft supplies, handwritten and typed notes piled high upon what is supposed to a tray holding my blank text weight papers for the printer. Armed with my previous thoughts in mind, I set about rectifying this situation. Before I knew what had hit me, I had a load of laundry in the washer, one in the dryer, and my desk is clear off! I put away another load of laundry, picked up Alexxis' toys so that I could vacuum. On the way to get the vacuum from my bedroom, I noticed Chaos' hair all over our bedroom carpeting so I set out sweeping that up, then moved to the hallway, and finally this room. It's beginning to look like our computer/nursery/laundry room once more.
Seeing Chaos's hair in our home is a given lately. He's really shedding his winter's coat. Anyone who has ever had a Lab in their home can attest to how much Lab's shed normally, but this is entirely different. As much as an inconvenience sweeping and vacuuming it all up is, {I vacuum our home twice a day!} I'm reminded that Spring is indeed on its way.
I, also, made a trip out to the studio today. Once again, it pains my heart to see it in the condition it is in. Now gone are Amber and Chris' furniture, as they've since moved, but in its place Don has been attempting to clean out his garage and would you care to guess where some of his things have now ended up? As I took a look around, I made notations of what could be removed and where they can be stored, along with noting what Don needs to remove from my space! It will be so much easier cleaning, moving, purging these things from our lives once the weather breaks, so I'm attempting to practice some patience. As I closed the studio door to head back into the house, I hear a robin singing! Looking to see if I could spot him, I noticed several other birds, mostly blackbirds, but there in our Pear tree, sitting on a branch filled with buds was a Yellow Goldfinch! I sat in wonder and amazement as I watched him for a while before returning to the tasks at hand.
As I entered our home once again, I noticed some other things that need attending to, so I began focusing my attention on them before deciding to stop, to take a break, drink another cup of coffee and type this post. All I can really say is that this feeling of what makes me feel uncomfortable is really rewarding! I'm accomplishing things! I'm cleaning our home and I'm loving life! Today, the sun is shining in Ohio, and the weatherman says we may just reach a high of 43 degrees. Hey, I'll take it! It beats the rain and snow we had yesterday, even if more is on the way! I've decided to wait until around 2 p.m. to begin working on the jacuzzi chemicals so that I can enjoy some of the warmth and sunshine. Who knows perhaps Chaos will get a good brushing out between chemical additions, LOL! And if he's really good, I may even throw his ball for him a few times. You know what they say, "A good lab, is a tired lab." so perhaps that will keep him out from under my feet while I celebrate and create A GREAT DAY!

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Lisa Renéa said...

Cathy would you laugh if i told you i'd like to snatch this out of your journal and hang it on my wall??? Of course I would never do that...but I so LOVE this page. It speaks volumes to me and the watercolour--well Perfection as far as I'm concerned. I'm a beach lovin' soul and this is gorgeous!! I'm truly enjoying these posts on your blog !! Keep up with the heart art! it's fab!