Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahh, the "Possibility of taking A Road Trip"

Lately, Don and I have both been suffering with a case of cabin fever... It's hard for us during this time of year... with Winter just recently ending, and Spring just newly sprung. The weather continues to be up and then, down again... warm one day, then freezing the next. Of course, we somehow manage to discover and find indoor events and things to do, but its not the quite the same when you experience wanderlust deep in the essence of your very soul and long for those warmer, carefree days to feel the grass on your bare feet. We, also are aware that those days are still a ways away, but in the meantime, they certainly didn't prevent us from dreaming up new ideas and places to visit.

Over the years, we've been practically "all over" the state of Ohio, at time or another, but there's still those quaint, little out-of-way places we've yet to discover, as well as those we'd love to visit once again. While talking carelessly, enjoying the sunshine, and sitting on our rear deck after dinner last night, Don mentioned the desire to return to an Antique Mall we've been to a few times. I didn't say a thing as I enjoy going there but thought it would nice to go and see something a bit different. That's when I remembered picking up a flyer for another Antique Mall that is actually closer to us in Springfield, Ohio.

Remembering that thought again this morning, I made a quick, Google search and discovered a show to be held this weekend! I was so stoked! Don of course will have to work on both Friday and Saturday, but Sunday appears to be a possibility and filled with promise. From what I could see on their website, there is a lot of booth inside buildings as well as outside. Perfect! in the event that we run into the "isolated thunderstorms" the National Weather Service is predicting.
Wish us luck that "nothing" pops up and requires our attention here at home. I'm longing for a road trip!

You can find several pages of photographs @
if you desire to look. I know I certainly did!

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