Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I love receiving mail! Well, mail that doesn't consist of a bill that needs to be paid, LOL! For years I participated in many Art Swaps with online friends and Lisa Renea @ is someone who I swapped various art projects with over the years. We've participated in a few Yahoo groups together, exchanged a variety of items in many swaps together, creating everything from cards, ATC's, and a variety of other projects.

Anyways, yesterday, when I received this beautiful Twinklin' Watercolored wall hanging and an ATC from her as a "Thank You!" for the Beach themed frame I created for her, I was shocked! I never expected anything in return. Lisa didn't need to send this to me, but I am so happy that she did!!!! I so love little random Act of Kindness. They're a wonderful way to express gratitude to other like-minded souls who encourage and support us, especially when you're truly inspired in a genuinely, heartfelt way to do something. The good thing is that "those little somethings" do not have to be expensive --- sending an email, posting a blog comment just to say, "I was here" sending a card or perhaps, a hand-written letter, or even a piece of beautiful artwork! Thank you, Lisa! I'll find a home for it within my studio and cherish it always.

You can view a close-up of this artwork on Lisa's blog. Here's the link:
Neither photograph captures the true essence of the Twinklin' H2O's used to color this, IRL, there's a shimmering quality to the colors, as the H2O's contain tiny fragments of mica suspended within the watercolor that is hard to capture in a photograph or scanned image.

I've also shown in the picture above the hand-blown glass orbs that Don and I purchased on Sunday. I've yet to remove the remnants of the jute that they were suspended upon or the price tags. I'm wanting to purchase some kind of decorative plant hanger so that I can hang them above our picture window, out away from the glass and up away from Alexxis' little hands and just beyond her reach. The smallest one would be perfect to add a touch of springtime to with a small bloom or other item.

Ccompany have just arrived, so this may be my only post for the day as I have a hair appointment in a few hours. I'll post again soon and in the meantime, Thank you, Lisa for the beautiful wall hanging. I love it!


Lisa Renéa said...

Cathy! so glad you enjoyed the bit! The stamp is not one , I've used more than twice-however I felt your shout your name while cleaning one day. I felt it translated how I felt about your watercolour! Fly high and sieze the day! One of the cat's (i think there are pics on my blog) is always helping me create--so we wanted to thank you accordingly :)

Lisa said...

What a great project. Swaps are the best, arent' they?

Hope you have a great week!