Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CED 2008~ Books as Art

Many of us interested in the Paper Arts and Mixed Media arts are familiar with the term Book Arts and these books could definately be considered "book art" but I prefer to think of them as books as art simply because I created them for our home's decor.

Most of these books for display were created using paper back books, with the exception of the one circular formed and shape one. It was originally a hardback book that I cut through the endsheets to remove from its cover. I used Modge Podge along the outer book pages to adhere several pages together prior to gently folding them over towards the spine of the book and tucking the outer edges in between. I'm certain the process could have been simplier by using a glue stick but either way, one of the ones I desired to create is finished.

The paperback book creations were easier. Simply locate a page you desire to display, wrap it back over the back of the book and pinch gently to create a crease to accomodate the width of the book. I especially have a new-found fondness for the older, gently aged book that I stood on end to photograph. The text of the book is what drew me in, it reads:

As I write, I can see the box where it is stored on a high shelf in my studio. I like being able to see when I look up. The box contains those odds and ends of personal treasures that have survived many bouts of clean-it-out-and-throw-it-away that seize me from time to time. The box has been passed through {a portion of the text is unreadable due to the wrapped ribbon but continues below...}
One of the keepsakes in the box is a small paper bag. Lunch size. Though the top is sealed with duct tape, staples, and several paper clips, there is a ragged rip in one side through which the contents may be seen. This particular lunch sack has been in my care for" {and the text on the page ends here}

I do not know now what the title or the author of the book is as I didn't note it prior to creating it but I was simply drawn to those words as they remind me of my own box of treasures that I keep and cherish. It too, is a collection of random bits and pieces, trinkets and treasures that have sentimental value to me like a piece of a childhood keychain, a seashell from a childhood vacation to visit my grandparents in Florida, and a bony skeletal remains of a fish I discovered while walking on the beaches of Lake Erie with Don a few years ago. There's hand-written notes of some quotes I've saved over time, snippets of a tag from one of my favorite pairs of jeans that have long since been discarded, and a few pressed flowers. I have another box that is simply filled with cards... from birthdays, thinking of you's, and just because... that I also cherish. I'm very sentimental so the text above really spoke to me when I read it.

The stack of two books are P.S. I Love You and a Life's Little Instruction Book. I decided to slipcover them when I came across them while in the upstairs storage room grabbing books to use to create these. I stumbled upon two handmade and imported gift bags that I had saved and decided to use them to create the slipcovers for these. The ribbon I used is one that I saved when Mary @ http://thedearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com sent me a red transfer ware plate and a silver cup as the winner of her December blog giveaway.

I still love the plain kraft paper idea and perhaps, in a few days, I'll create several of those as book slipcovers and tie them with the black ribbon, just as I had seen them created and on display at Arhaus. I choose to use the green for mine since it was in the house, I didn't have to make a run to the studio to obtain some, and the green fit in with our home's decor.

Anyways, there they are... my little book creations that I was inspired to create. As I previously mentioned I was simply drawn to them for some unknown reason and I loved how they reflected that we, as people, are is sometimes like an open book, sometimes strong and proud just to allow our beauty to shine through, and yet we can feel exposed, vulnerable, and so delicate and fragile at other times.

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Lisa Renéa said...

Love the idea of book art! On a show one day, a crafty gal created a whole wall of it. Beautiful!