Monday, April 14, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Inspiration

Good Morning! I'm up and awake, a little earlier than most days. Having slept like a baby after going to bed early, like 9:30 p.m. {gasp!} as I was so tired last night. I fell right off to sleep and slept so sound. Well, until I awoke @. 4:30 a.m. this morning to use the bathroom. Quietly crawling back into bed, getting all warm and cozy once again, only to discover that sleep was going to be eluding me, I laid there listening to the birds beginning to sing their morning song, before I realized I might as well just get up.

On Saturday, I rested. All day!!!! I accomplished my quest to simply rest, it felt good to do "Absolutely nothing!" Well, other than browse online for a bit, watch a couple of movies, snuggle up on the couch for an afternoon nap, read a bit of "A New Earth", and then order dinner out when Don returned home from work. It felt simply wonderful to just be lazy and enjoy each and every moment of the day!

Yesterday, I browsed online until Don began stirring, then, we proceeded to clean and catch up on things around our home. Sometime, prior to noon, I spoke to my Dad on the telephone and during that conversation, we decided not to paint their kitchen cabinets. He'd prefer to get some other things accomplished first. So, early in afternoon, Don and I made to trip to Polaris. We had no real agenda in mind, except to get out of the house, browse, and enjoy each other's company. We stopped into Home Goods, then into Marshall's, where I splurged on a new pair of pj's. I couldn't help but notice how worn out a pair of my pj's were becoming until I was lounging in them the day before. Just when they were feeling so comfy, too! But I knew it time to replace them.

After eating a late lunch/early dinner out, I made a quick jog into Barnes & Nobles and not paying attention, I purchased a copy of Somerset Studios that I already own! {Of course, I didn't realize that until I was browsing through it once we returned home.} I looked at and thought for a second about purchasing a Moleskin journal but decided to wait until I wasn't going to be so busy to get one, forgetting all about my earlier conversation with my Dad. Go figure! I don't know where my mind was, but any rational thought certainly wasn't with me.

Anyways, right next door to B&N's, is an Arhuas furniture and accessories store that Don and I have never been in. Mainly due to the fact that we believed would be way out of our budget, but we decided to venture in and browse anyways. I instantly feel in love with the place as most of the furnishing are hand-crafted by artisans and craftsman from around the world. Although, we were correct in our assumption over the prices, it was amazing to just look at all the details that went into the creation of each and every piece of furniture. Don managed to talked me into to purchasing a 6" and an 8" hand-blown green glass orbs that I was admiring as we entered. There must have been thirty of them, in a variety of colors, hanging from decorative ceiling hooks and tied with cut strands of jute at various heights hanging from the ceiling. I love the way the light shown through them! We didn't think that their accessories line was priced too high, as we were able to take advantage of their 30% off sale. I also saw this beautiful hand painted plate:
which I instantly feel in love with. Sadly, I didn't see anything regarding the artist who created it, and although, we didn't purchase one, I was certainly admiring it! I don't know quite what it is about it, the pair of trees expressing unity with one another, that "you and me" against the world, the fact that the image reflects that we never really are alone, or the bare nakedness of the image that reminded me to stand strong in the face of my own vulnerabilities while feeling exposed for all the world to see, but I found this piece to be simply gorgeous!

Another find, although not available for purchase, but displayed throughout the store, were these books that had their spines removed and the edges of the pages folded by groups of the inside signatures, and tucked into the sewn binding of the book to form a fan shape. There were other books as well. Some with simple, brown kraft paper slipcovers stacked one on top of the other, and another stack of paperback books with several of their front pages open ,and then wrapped over and creased to cover the spine of the book. Several of those were created into a stack, some of which some were then encased in kraft paper, while others were not and exposed the text of the book. Some of the books were then tied with a beautiful black satin ribbon and/or jute. I was amazed at how simple beauty can be! By taking an ordinary everyday object, whoever created those, created a piece of art! I loved how they reflected that we, as people, are is sometimes like an open book, sometimes strong and proud just to allow our beauty to shine through, and yet we can feel exposed, vulnerable, and so delicate and fragile at other times. Those books spoke to me so profoundly, that I'd love to re-create some for our own home!

Another item that was for display only, was a large old map book displayed on a kitchen table. The book's spine was broken and some of the pages no longer attached. It wasn't an old, vintage book by any means, but it was worn and appeared to be well-loved in its lifetime. It reasonated so much emotion within me... I was amazed at how something so simple could bring all sorts of images to my mind. Isn't it strange how inspiration for something comes to you when you aren't looking? Well, that was my thought anyways. Now I'll be looking for an older version of a book of maps now... just to display somewhere! {I decided to share these ideas here on my blog, so that I wouldn't forget... and I hope someone enjoys these ideas as much as I did! I'll take a photograph when I'm through creating mine!} I don't know if it is my love of books or the feelings that those book evoked within me, but either way, I find it reassuring that somehow I know I was meant to discover them.


Lisa Renéa said...

Cathy, I've sat here, trying to remember where I saw the wall of books, I think this is it,,DIY_13771_5130998,00.html

Hopefully- you can copy and paste the link, it is on the DIY network, under Book Origami, just in case.

I'm a book lover too, years ago I worked at a book distribution company-I truly loved going to work everyday!

liannallama said...

Oh, I adore that plate! It is so powerful and just stunning in its simplicity!