Saturday, April 12, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Mom's kitchen

I'm still in the process of Spring cleaning my Mom and Dad's kitchen. I am happy to say that I have one small area left to finish up. I'll need to pull out her their stove to clean that area. So far, I've managed to washed down their painted ceiling tile, all four walls, the cabinets, and kitchen appliances and their back entrance door. {Why does that sound so easy when I type it? LOL!} I've spent several hours the past two days, climbing up and down a ladder, so I am a bit sore today. I have decided to take a couple days off to rest and keep up with our home. This also provides my parents some time and room of their own, which they've become accustomed to since all seven of their children have long since flown from the nest.

My parents are both in their early 80's, so they don't have the strength and endurance to do this for themselves. They are able to do light-housekeeping and simple chores on their own, its the more strenuous chores like this that they require outside assistance with. The reality is that that they've been blessed with a long and fairly healthy lives and I'm blessed to still have them with me. I figure if it makes their lives easier and enjoyable, it's time and money well spent. I'm happy to be of assistance to them and its a great way to re-pay them for the sacrifices they've made for Amber and I when we were younger.

I had six light maple veneer shelves and the hanging brackets stored in my studio that I'm was no longer using so I offered to give them to my parents for additional storage space within their kitchen. The shelves are 4 ft. long by 1 foot wide and will be hung two side by side adjacent to their upper cabinets above their sink and directly above their washer and dryer. I believe that they will look great since they are the same width from the wall as the cabinets. Their drop-leaf table is the same light maple stain and since the cabinets in their kitchen are a dark, walnut stain and are older, I've offered to remove the doors from them, sand, primer, and paint them inside and out using a white enamel paint. Their kitchen in long and narrow, like a galley style kitchen, and the walls are a beautiful aqua color. Painting the cabinets white will lighten the room and make the space seem more visibly open.

I'll be making a trip to Lowes to purchase one additonal support and four shelf brackets so we can hang three tiers of the shelving. As this will be the first thing that we do. This will allows us to empty out one section of her cabinets at a time while I'm working and they will still have access to all the cabinets contents. Once all the cabinets are cleaned inside, doors are removed, their sanded down, primed and painted, we'll be ready to paint one coat of paint on the walls, just to spruce it up and the shelving can be utilized for some of her pretty pottery, decorative jars, etc. and provide additional storage for some of her more often used appliances freeing up a countertop for more work surfaces within the kitchen.

I know that I'll have some work cut out for me with this project but it will all be so worth it once it is finished. They will have a kitchen that will function a little better for them, as well as a beautiful space to enjoy in the years to come. I'm actually excited to see and experience the end results. I may be able to take some before and after photos, and if it is okay with my parents, perhaps, I can share them here on my blog. After all, it is their home and I do have to respect their wishes. We see how that goes...

After taking Mom in for her hair cutting appointment, Don and I returned home. After taking a bath and cleaning myself up, Don and I went back over and shot pool with my Dad, some family and friends. It was a rather enjoyable evening and felt good not to be all work and no play!

If you discover that I'm posting a little less than I used to or I'm not online as often as I've been previously in the past, please know that I'm here, doing okay, just perhaps, a little busier in the weeks to come. I'll still be providing childcare for my grand-daughter so I'll be taking some time off from this project along the way.

To maintain some balance in my life, I suggested a "Home Sweet Home" swap with some internet friends. Most of them are as busy as I will be for the next several months, so we're considering a June swap date. I'm certain that I'll be able to work on that when I have some spare moments here and there and in fact, I'm already looking forward to it! Lords know you can't be all work and no play, I learned that lesson last summer!
*{smiles and waves}*

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joan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. It sounds like you have been very busy with
your parents' home. Enjoy them while you have them! I know you do...and I know they love having you over there helping them.
Joan in Portland, Oregon