Thursday, April 10, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Unplugged...

What a day this has been! I made it over to my parent's house today and got started on washing down my mom's kitchen. Her kitchen isn't a big kitchen but what a job it is to wash down ceiling tiles, walls, cabinets, and counter tops. My mom washes things off but her kitchen hasn't had a good thorough cleaning like this since the last time I did it, perhaps, last year or maybe even the year before. Today, we removed some decorative items and took down a couple shelves located above their washer and dryer, pulled out both the washer and dryer and I gave them a serious cleaning on all four sides, underneath and inbetween. We placed those items back into place, and I started on the ceilings and the wall surrounding them and the opposite wall of kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I'm a little over half way in the project after scrubbing for 4 1/2 - 5 hours. My mom doesn't have a range hood to assist with catching grease and their furnace is a gas furnace, so between the two, I scrubbed and scrubbed. Her kitchen is looking beautiful once again! It is almost as fresh as the day they painted it a beautiful aqua color. In fact, I scrubbed so hard in a few little spots that I {oops!} actually removed some of the paint. To make up for the error, I gave my dad $20 to make a trip to Lowe's tomorrow to pick up a gallon of the same color. We decided after we get the walls washed, that we'd apply a fresh coat and they'd have some paint remaining for touch-ups whenever they are needed.

Tomorrow, I'll have Little Miss Alexxis until early afternoon. My plan is to go back over to Mom and Dad's and attempt to finish the job. Well, that's the "game plan" anyways.... we'll see how well that goes. Alexxis is becoming more and more familiar with her great- grandparents since I try to take her over there to see them at least once a week and she isn't a clinging child unless she's not feeling well, so I think we'll be okay for a little while. If not, that's okay, too. It will keep me from burning myself out too bad, LOL! Lord knows I've a long " To Do" list with keeping up with our home, but I really don't mind assisting my parents. They have been so good to me over the years, its about time that I am able to return some of the favors and I fully intent to ---- even if it is a little at time.

In other news, the outdoor fabric that I ordered on Saturday arrived today! It is more beautiful that I imagined, even after seeing a swatch of it online when I placed my order. It will be a while before I can get started on them as I'll have to make a trip to JoAnn's to purchase a few co-ordinating spools of thread. I believe I'm going to be very happy with it once I get started on sewing the patio chair covers. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. I find sewing relaxing; well, things are going right, LOL!

Anyways, I wanted to "pop in" say that everything is alright in our little corner of the world, mention that if I'm not online this is why and let everyone know that I'll be back when time allows. Tomorrow, I'll probably be "unplugged" from the computer as we're expecting thunderstorms and the possibility of high winds. I'll be back when I can. I hope whatever projects you have going on, that you find it pleasurable and relaxing.... until then...{*waves*}

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