Wednesday, May 07, 2008

CED 2008 ~ A gift for "Little Mama"

In an attempt to become more familiar with my sewing machine, today I decided to go ahead and create Little Miss Alexxis an apron! Doesn't every future mother deserve a gift for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday? {Actually, I didn't desire for her to feel left out when I present something for her mommy --- so creating this to gift to her was a perfect solution!}

I've had the fabric in my little old fabric stash and the polka dotted fabric was purchased inexpensively from either K-Mart or Wal-Mart so I figured I had little to lose in the event that I may or might have messed it up.

For some reason... mmmm, perhaps the tension wasn't set just right? I lost some stitches while sewing the gathered section of the apron's skirt to my waistband/apron strings and since I really have no idea what-in-the-heck I'm actually doing, I decided to dig through my stash of trims for a section that I could sew over top and conceal these with. All in all, I'm pretty excited with my effort since I didn't have a pattern to follow --- just an idea in mind of what I desired the finished project to look like.

I hand sewed on the button simply because Alexxis has suddenly become fascinated with them and the pockets within and on her clothes. I didn't realize after I began this project today that I had previously loaned my iron to Amber and she has yet to return it, so please excuse the wrinkles. Now, I simply cannot wait until Mother's Day so I can present her with this! I can see her now, wearing her little apron while runs the sweeper, helps Grandma dust her house, and we continue to do some baking in the kitchen. I do believe that she is going to love this!
{I'll try to remember to take a photograph of Little Miss actually wearing this and post it in the future --- for now let's just hope it actually fits! LOL!}

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