Saturday, May 10, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Memories of HOME

As soon as I saw Kathy's amazing creations that she created for a Row House Swap {see her creations here:}
I knew that I would love to have some Row House to decorate a shelf in my studio.

So, I proposed this as a possible swap theme to a group of ladies that I've been swapping and sharing artwork with for years, and the response was overwhelming! Having worked out the details, establishing a database, and everything that goes along with hostessing a swap, I've slowly began to wrap my own heart and mind around the concept.

Today, while working on another project, my thoughts kept returning to ideas and inspiration for this swap. I'd recently been resting and doing a bit a reading so I certain that the thought of typing a page appearing to look like it was taken from a novel for my background was influenced by that.

Pulling up MS Word, establishing the page boundaries in a 5x7 inch size, I slowly began writing. What poured out me was truly amazing! I couldn't believe that little old me typed these words:

"She wandered slowly through her home, smiling to herself. It was so good to finally be back. Back to the comforts that only she knew lie within, the rooms that they had so carefully filled, some completely with appalling, extravagant purchases, yet contained the little things that pleased her so much.

She was so suddenly surrounded by her family’s photographs, their heirlooms, paintings, and object de arte that she and her family had purchased on many of their travels. There was something warm and friendly here something that she knew in her heart that she’d never find traveling anywhere else in the world.

She never felt such a sense of love, of belonging, ever before in her life, as she did on this day as she entered into her HOME. It felt as if her home was hugging her back. It wasn’t until she gently reached out to touch to his face, contained within the time worn photograph that she longed to once again feel, to remember…."

Don't ask me where those words spilled out from, for I truly do not know all I knew for certain was that I wanted the artwork that I create to reflect upon my own feelings of what home means to me, to my heart. So after deciding this was what I desired, I printed off two copies. One to play with and another to photocopy for my swap obligation. Next, I browsed through the vintage images that I have on my computer, choose the one I used above, and from there things slowly began to fall into place. I've decided I like this and it will become a beautiful page in my "Almost Daily Journal" and continue to inspire and build my confidence that I, too, am able to create a beautiful work of art.


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