Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I managed to complete sew all the slipcovers for our patio table all in one afternoon! I've two chairs left to sew slipcovers for and then this project will be complete. Well, as far as the table and chair decorations go anyways. It seems I''m going to have some moving to do as I'll need to power wash the deck once again and get it waterproofed once again. Don and I need to make a road trip to Ontario to purchase the waterproofing and as soon as we get another 2-3 days of warm, dry weather, I can get back to work! For now, it simply feels great to nearly be able to cross one more thing off of our long "to do list".

{I'm not even going to mention that now I wish I had co-ordinating umbrella cover. Nope! I don't quite believe I'm ready to go there.....((((smiles)))))} Do they even make replacement fabric umbrella covers? I believe they should!!!!

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Amy Wagner said...

Super job on the patio stuff. It looks great!
I am enjoying the yard tours you have been giving.
I had to laugh about your granddaughter wanting Sponge Bob in her bedroom!! My daughter had a SB birthday and I wanted a girly theme for her. Oh well!!