Thursday, May 15, 2008

CED 2008 ~ New Curtains for the Center Island in the Studio

Not to bad for someone who just recently taught herself to sew, huh? This it the second curtain that I've sewn up today to fit across the storage portion of the center island in my studio. I didn't have any patterns for curtains, so I sewed these up using the same basic design that I used when I created the curtains for the bookbinding table. The only difference in on those curtains I added decorative trim across the top and on this set, there is none as I do not have enough to cover both curtains. Oh well! It isn't that big of a thing to me... covering up the clutter within so I can create there when desired, and cover it up when I simply desire to just relax! Besides, how hard is to create something that will fit over a cafe style curtain rod, LOL!

I'm starting to love my sewing machine, even if I've only touched the tip of the iceburg in discovering how to use it. I am begin to imagine the things that I could create using it.... now let's just hope we don't start seeing a new obsession coming on! I don't believe I have room to store a ton of fabric..... { huge grin}

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