Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Studio - continued....

As I mentioned previously, I'm cleaning and doing a bit of re-organizing, so I only tried to capture the areas that I have finished with for now. There will be more narrowing down with my books and magazines, but for the most part, this section of my studio is completed.

This is my stamping table area. To the right is the outside of my stamp cabinet, then the table that I tend to stamp at. This allows me to keep my stamp close at hand, once cleaned, their ready to be put away more easily. New to this space is the Making Memories Embellishment Center that Don gave to me as a birthday gift this year. It hold ribbons, some metal embellishments, and a few of my favorite stamps.

This is a close-up shot of my two bookcases. While the photograph below is taken from the opposite corner of the room where my office area is located. It shows more appropriately the space between all the items in the room... which is plenty to maneuver around.

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