Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Studio - continued....

The photo below shows a close-up of my relaxing space. Directly behind my recliner is what I refer to as my book-binding table. The curtains hold supplies for book binding and a variety of items for altering. I made the curtains for the book-binding table a year or so ago and soon I'll be sewing another set for covering the supply area of the center island in this same fabric.

You can see I have some re-orgainizing to do along the top of the work station wall yet to be accomplished.

From another angle... The top of the bookbinding cabinet, paper racks, and the shelf above provides me with a display area of items I've created over the past or so years. You can also tell from this angle that there's plenty of space to walk through behind the recliner for easy access to those supplies.

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DymphieM said...

look at all that space!!!! Green with envy here ;)