Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our Back Yard...

I took a break from sewing for a minute, prior to getting ready to pin up a slipcover for another chair, and took a walk around our back yard {with camera in hand}. As you can see, our acre is ready for yet another round of lawn mowing and weeding. I guess it's time to get used to that thought and idea. I captured several photographs from around the back yard to show you how beautiful it looks in the Spring and some of the recent planting that I've been doing.

The water garden still needs a lot of work, removing the leaves and debris that have fallen into it over the late Fall and Winter. We need to remove the stagnant water, give it a thorough cleaning, refill it, and hook up the fountain once again. I so love the sound of running water in a garden; although our yard is hardly a garden yet... we're beginning to start working on it. I'm certain this will be a slow process and one that will continue throughout the years --- that is if God's willing! I'm also excited about the prospect of entertaining Little Miss with a tea party one day this Spring or early summer at the bristo set we placed beneath our Bradford pear tree. The beautiful blooms on it disappeared early last week and not in the "appearing to snow" way that I so love, the weight from the rain and gushes from the wind in a recent thunderstorm removed any possibilities of that happening, but we still enjoy it! I couldn't resist obtaining a candid shot of Chaos as he browses underneath one of the large trees that provides him plenty of shade to stay a bit cooler under. Well, back to the pinning and the sewing machine, I've one down and five more to do!

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