Saturday, July 12, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Still sketching away....

Yesterday was such a fantastic day! I love being in the studio once again, creating. Of course, having a clear cut idea of what I desired to create helped immensely; there was still a lot of work involved. From tearing, inking, adhering, then moving on to create yet another little section with cutting, layering, more adhering, before finally adding the embellishing features. I was surprised by how easily things began coming together.

By the time I was winding things up, Don had returned home and patiently waited for me to finish up. We'd made plans earlier in the day to run out of town to make a payment on our Spiderback chairs and have a quiet dinner out. The fact there is one of my favorite garden centers to stroll through along the way added to my excitement. But first things, first, we needed to register at our local Moose lodge.

Normally, it's Don who sort of dilly-dallies while we're there, although this time it was me! I had to say, "Hello" to a few friends, inquire regarding some information that I'd wished I'd had previously in the week, and enjoy a nice cold Bud Light. I'm not a big beer drinker, but occasionally I'll enjoy one or two. After drinking one, and Don and I headed out, I noticed the time so quickly changed plans to stay in town and have dinner out here. We re-visited the Tin Duck Tavern, a newer place, we've eaten at before. Their Fish-n-Chips are excellent!

After eating, we popped in over at my parents to visit with Mom in the house, before heading out to my Dad's pool room located in the loft area of his humongous garage. My dad shoots pool with his friends twice a week on Tuesday's and Friday's, so we affectionately call those "pool nights". Although, Don and I neither one felt like shooting, we had a good hour of visiting with Dad and his friends before returning to our own home. While Don soaked in the jacuzzi, I quickly worked on the sketch above. I'm so proud of my progress. In fact, so much so that I had to count just how many pages I've created since purchasing it, LOL! {Just for an FYI, there's now 12! pages completed.} It amazes me! For years, I would ask, what do I have to journal or sketch..." and since I've put that question out of my mind, I've found my answer.... anything and everything!

{A disclaimer: the above image is colored in with colored pencil, but when I put it into the computer, I thought it looked best in B&W, so I edited it!}

Today's agenda is to clean up some of the mess from yesterday's studio experience. After I put some supplies back away, I believe I'm going to begin gathering up more supplies for my journaling suitcase. There so many things I want to do and try! Well, we'll chat more soon, k?

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Sue McGettigan said...

I love your journal pages Cathy - bravo!