Monday, August 25, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Studio organizing resumes...

While puttering around in the studio last week, I was reminded that I needed to get my unmounted rubber stamps organized. I've discovered that I use very little of them, mainly because I inadvertedly avoiding digging through them because they were haphazardly tossed into a gallon size ziplock. I knew what was there, but there was no real way for me to access them.

Years ago, I had an idea for organizing them, although that never seemed to happen. Thankfully, I had hung onto the supplies that I'd need to make this work. One of them involved staining an old CD crate, which managed to stain the week I was without the computer. There were still some obstacles that I needed overcome, mainly purchasing the supplies that I'd need to make the rest of this work.

So, I discussed my thoughts with Don while we were on one of our road trips, and he encouraged me to begin making those purchases, even if it meant a little at a time. so, when we returned to town, he stopped so I could purchase 24 of the CD cases that I'd need in the future. Thankfully, I made a list of the items and kept it with me, because I never expect him to tell me to purchase those items while we out running errands yesterday afternoon; nor did I imagine that he would actually pay for my purchases. It must have been my lucky day, and I'm still wondering why I didn't ask for a vacation, LOL!

Anyways, I was so excited that I made my out to the studio to gather up all the supplies I would need at the first opportunity I got! While we spent the evening watching, {well, listening to, in my case...} the TV together, I worked, {I use that term loosely, as it didn't seem like work... } on sorting, stamping an index, laminating the index, and placing the stamps upon them, and finally managed to get them into the CD cases, as well as, the spine labelled! Once completed, the CD's were placed in the CD holder and I beamed!!! Isn't this neat? Not to mention, so easy to carry back out to the studio!

The gallon size ziplock is nearly empty! What stamps are inside of it are sorted, and the additional stamps that are still in their packages and in the 3 ring binders are ready and waiting. I have everything else that I'll need to finish this once I purchase another package of CD's. Anyone willing to "spring" for them? LOL!!!

Little by little, my studio is beginning to take on a new shape and functionality. The house maybe is a mess but the studio is beginning to look great! Actually, I planning to do some housework, make some crockpot meals over the course of the next several days, so I can be free to go tackle something else...}


Lisa Renéa said...

A great organization idea! Congrats on conquering another task!

Pat Winter said...

You go girl!!!! What an accomplishment.