Thursday, August 28, 2008

A "Naked" Post...

No, I'm not sitting at my computer without any clothes on, LOL! I simply mean that this post won't be featuring any photographs, therefore, this post is naked. I don't care for "naked posts" but honestly, I have nothing fabulous to show you, unless you wanna see what 79 labelled CD cases of unmounted rubberstamps look like... I assure you that's about as boring as it gets.
I've diligently been working on my unmounted stamp storage this week and I am happy to say that I've completely filled 79 of those CD cases. {I would have never imagined that a gallon ziplock baggie could hold so many unmounted stamps, although I wouldn't recommend it as a storage solution, LOL!} Now, to figure out where the cases are going to go. I had originally intented to keep the stained CD box on the work surface counter, however, I quickly began to realize how much space that would take up, how easy it would be to knock the entire thing over, and what would happen to them once they landed on the concrete floor. I don't suppose that was the smartest thought I've ever had! So, I'll be persuing some other thoughts and ideas on where and how to actually store these. {Does it ever really end?}
I've discovered that I really had no idea just how time-comsuming all this organizing was going to be when I first began. Today, I'm resisting the urge to run away to the studio and play! But my heart tells me that if I don't stay focused now, that this will probably never get done.
I recently joined another Yahoo group called Organized Studios which has motivated me a bit. I found a great article written by Vickie Enkoff. The pdf file has some wonderful thoughts and ideas in it, however, some of them I just cannot imagine finding the time to do. One suggestion is to make to a list of what you desire to do in any space over the next six months to a year. Well, I haven't actually done that but I do have some realistic ideas and thoughts on what I desire the finish studio to be. Therefore, I'm skipping that step. I really don't need anything interfering with my recent progress and I now know just how easy it is to get myself sidetracked doing something else. I've done that for over two years now, LOL! and that is why I'm trying to focus on it now.
I, also, realize that there's some things that are currently working and there are things that are not. So, I'm attempting to work on the "this isn't working" things first. Of course, there's almost always a challenge or an obstacle that gets in the way, such as I don't have certain items I need to really do things the way I truly desire so I know I'll have to improvise for awhile. Unless a money tree just so happens to sprout up in our back yard, I'm doing what I can with what I have to work with. To be absolutely honest, I never realized that I spend so much $$$ on the cd cases and the labelmaker with refills. Although, I'm discovering that I don't regret it for one moment! It's finished and I am proud of all my hard work and the effort it took for me to get here!
The sad part is that I know that this project isn't actually over... I still have my wood mounted stamps to conquer yet, and I don't believe that their gonna fit the way they use to as I've purchased so many more from when we designed the stamp cabinet. I may just have to resort to unmounting some of them which means more CD cases to purchase, work on, and finish. Though somehow, I keep telling myself and attempting to believe that it will all work out just fine.
Well, I'm outta here... heading out to see what disaster awaits me and what damage I can do. Why is that in order to organize one thing, you gotta make a mess of another? And if you just happen to stop by and see me staring at a book, cutting out the pages, attemping to alter the covers, do me a favor and knock it out of my hands and slap me. You have my permission! Now isn't the time to begin an altered book, perhaps, I should chant, "Alter; Falter" as I make my way out there! LOL! See ya soon......

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