Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, Just Quickly, Let me show you this...

Do you see it? Wanna know what it is? Do you remember all the trouble I've had with attempting to figure out where to put a table for four or six within our kitchen? Well, recently Don and I had a major discussion regarding our kitchen, while we were actually in the kitchen. Together, we began brainstorming for ideas.
It began with removing the existing table and chairs and simply creating a small eat in area for just the two of us. We kept fooling ourselves, thinking it would be enough, simply because that is what fits into our cookie cooker budget, LOL! Then, I mentioned that if money wasn't an issue, what would we really do? and things seemed to escalate from there.
When we first remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, our main focus at the time was to simply upgrade the cabinetry, counter tops from when our home was originally built in the 1950's. Although I had a few ideas, we had neither the time, money, or energy to actually accomplish most of them. Now, we honestly wish that we wouldn't have rushed it! We could have done this!!!
What's changed my thinking? Well, the laminate counter... for one. The placement of our gas stove and opposite breakfast bar for another; putting the previously existing cabinets back in the back portion of our kitchen., and not having it as functional as it could have been. What a costly mistake!
Anyways, this idea isn't going to happen for some time. It's a very long way down the road but it's what both of us now want. It involves running a new gas line to another wall {where the large table sits currently}, adding in a base and overhead cabinets, counter tops on both sides, a back splash, lighting, and an exhaust fan. {the drawing doesn't show all that as I didn't put them in... but that's the finished idea}...
We'd love to remove and replace the laminate counter top with either Corian or Granite! We're thinking, if we're going to do this, it will be granite! Although, we're not ruling out any other ideas such as soapstone or concrete out just yet! Just trying to think about what's honestly feasible in our area and today's market; although we've no thoughts of selling. Ever.
It means removing one overhead cabinet from the south wall which we'd be able to utilize next to the stove, and possibly adding a base cabinet and counter top beside the refrigerator. Perhaps, even including a built-in for the microwave??? We'd replace the refrigerator with the freezer's current position.
Where our stove is currently located with the breakfast bar behind it, we'd like to remove the small cabinet next to the stove. This would allow us to removing all the counter tops so that a new one could forms 52"x60" large rectangle that would actually function both as table and a center island between the two rooms! The end of the counter top would remain open so that two additional bar stools could be used to increase the seating from four to six!
The freezer would be moved out entirely and a new pantry added where the refrigerator is currently located, and doors would cover it entirely.
Along the west wall, in the back portion or our kitchen, we'd remove the cabinets --- both upper and lower and replace them with a home office area featuring open shelving up both sides. We'd also remove the small table that's currently there, replace it with small sitting area, a pair of chairs and a small side table. {One of the chairs could be utilized for the home office area and moved if needed for a cozy setting area when we have family and friends over.}
The only question now is, when am I going back to work so that we can save the money to do this? That's the only way that I can see it happening! But isn't it cool? I'd so love this... and it's perfect for our home, agree?

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