Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On another note...

I made some progress in the studio yesterday. I cleared half of the "L-shaped center island's top and utilized that space to sort through and get four boxes of supplies put away! Okay, two boxes were greeting cards that I obtained for $1.00 I put them in three photo storage boxes and those are plum full! Sorting them into categories is on the "some day" list; getting them out of the boxes and off the floor was my main goal.
I sorted and organized two of the three drawer organizers. One is filled with adhesives, the other an assortment of tags, envelopes in a variety of sizes and papers such as vellum and glassine, and some small craft boxes.
I tackled my "paper scraps". Meaning, I gathered all the loose ones up that were scattered about the studio and housed them in a plastic paper storage container. Then, I began getting some of my unmounted stamps into what empty CD holders I had on hand at the time. A trip to Office Depot last night for 24 new ones, should store the remaining stamps along with a little room to grow!
I swept a large section of the floor after removing the previously mentioned four boxes and resisted the urge to work on a decorating project. I'll be heading out there in just a few to put in a couple more hours... this is going to take me some time as most of the things needing to be done are time-consuming little things like sorting, then organizing them where they'll permanently live... but I'm making some progress, as well as attempting to use what I have available to me vs. having to make any further purchases for storage. I've started a list of items I've an abundance of that will one day get purged from the studio, something else on the good old "To Do" list that never seems to end! LOL!

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