Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - A Relaxing Day...

Yesterday turned out to be a nice, quiet, relaxing day... I woke early, spent some time blog-hopping a few of my favorite decorating blogs --- you just never know what someone will post that might inspire you! I saw a lot of images of autumn decor popping up here and there and realized I am really looking forward to a change in the seasons. I love busy-ness of summer but I have to admit that I'm loving the idea of slowing down, nesting more, preparing for the slowness of winter... after the "holiday rush" has past, of course.
After chatting with a friend on the telephone, making plans to get together later in the day, I set my sights on cleaning our home and preparing myself for the day that lay ahead. During our conversation, my friend, Elainia and I made plans to check out Hobby Lobby, so when she arrived that was the first place that we headed. We ventured directly into the fabric department, looking at what home decor fabrics are available. My thoughts have been returning to getting started on the couch and loveseat slipcovers and Elainia is considering sewing up a new bedspread --- with my asssistance and sewing machine. I priced some pipping supplies and have been considering adding some to the slipcovers, thinking I'd love to add a splash of red, but am uncertain as to whether red would bled upon subsequent washing, even after a pre-wash. It's something to consider anyways, although I'm uncertain if I really have the skill level that it would require to pull it off. Next, I ventured over and into the threads, I was thinking a strong vinyl thread may be best for sewing these slipcovers, but the selection I found was thin. I did discovered the four spools of thread above, labelled heavy, and thought perhaps I could try them. I have a seam ripper, if they don't work like I envisioning them too. I also priced and looked at a variety of muslin fabrics. Something tells me that perhaps a muslin template for the curved areas of the chair and loveseat arms, might just come in handy. Some of the muslin was inexpensive enough, if I decide I need it in the future.
After shopping, purchasing only the four spools of thread, a first for me inside a Hobby Lobby store!, Elainia and I headed to White Castle's for a quick little lunch. Afterwards, I rode along with her on some of her errands for the day and later in the afternoon was informed the Don would be working all day. Instead of returning home, I visited with Elainia at her home for the majority of the afternoon and early evening. Her hubby was sweet enough to offer to cook us all dinner and asked me to telephone Don to have him come over after he got off of work, which was late. He arrived around 8:30 p.m. and we all had a wonderful dinner. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal that I didn't have to cook myself! Around 9:30 p.m., Don and I said our "good-byes", "we had a wonderful time" and made promises to get together to do this again soon. {The next one is on us! {smiles}...
So, all in all,
"Yes, Lisa. I do "sit down and put my feet up" once in awhile" Perhaps, not as often as I could, or should, for that matter, but I do try to "balance" too much activity, going, and doing with things that I love and enjoy. The rest of the items that are in the photograph above are items that I am intending to use in the next several weeks... I've decided it is time to get started on the Altered Book that I desire to create! The postcard book will certainly come in handy for scanning and printing for some Christmas tree decorations and stocking stuffers.

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