Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forbidden Knowledge Tag Book & Various Images

This shows the front sides of the first two signatures, along with a small walnut inked tag that I added the word, "Desire" to - that word will become more and more important as I begin to work on adding the text and the content of the book itself. The "Glimmer of Hope" booklet is another piece that I previously created but it fits in so wonderfully with the contents of Forbidden Knowledge that I felt it truly belongs here. The text reads, "She began to see a glimmer of hope in the darkness". On the bottom right side of the photograph is the tag booklet. The smallest tag in the front reads, "The entrance of the Word brings light {Psalms 119:130}. If we follow Jesus in enlightment by reading, studying, and feeding on His Word, we will be prepared for emergencies along the way." Again this will play into the contents of the book as I begin to work more and more on it.
The tag under that is a purchased tag with a clock theme and the word, "remember" which also will be significant later. The tag underneath it is the "Hand of Fate" which plays into the theme of Forbidden Knowledge. A smaller tag created from more of the Graphics 45 paper features the word "Times" and images of vintage clocks, while the final tag has words refering to time... "time moves on... yet stands still; never enough time; remember the time?; 27/7/365; no time; time for reflection, ect. All pertinent as I work through historical events....

These are simply close up views of the booklet that graces the first signature. I had created it originally in July of 2005. The front features a nature journal stamped and colored image then the book was bound using a small twig and thin twine. I used actual leaves, four leaf clovers specifically for their "good luck and well wishes" properties, the "evidence" stamp will come into play later, while the "Expedition Notes & Photos" stamp will also become significant.

This is the second pages, or signiture within the small booklet. I used the "found object" stamp from Stampers Anonymous and added in the text, "Burning Bush" The leaves are from the Burning Bush planted in my back yard, again this will become significant later.
As I continue to work on this book, I'll be altering yet another book, a larger one to which this book will be adhered to the front cover. I'm thinking this small edition will become more and more of the introduction to the main theme and the final chapters. I will be using a lot of symbolism and my book will be using a lot scripture verses as well as some actual historical events. I am in no way attempting to sway anyone into believing or seeing things in a different way, just attempting to create art that I can relate to with all of my heart. I know God will be with me on this journey!

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