Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forbidden Knowledge

I began working on my altered book, "Forbidden Knowledge" after gutting an book titled, "Believe and Be Saved". I felt it was a very appropriate title for the contents of the book that I'll begin adding in more and more along the way. The photograph above is the book cover and structure after I covered it with an embossed leather, stamped the image of Madonna and Child, and created the title piece. I intend to use a lot of symbolism within the pages of this book, so I began working more on the books inner structure by creating two signatures.
This is the first signature, I added the small booklet that I created a few years ago. It has been one of my favorite pieces ever since I created in 2005, and fits into this wonderfully. I collaged this page using Graphic 45 papers, the book, and adding a US White Oak vintage stamp.

These two pages are the insides of the above signatures. The left hand side is a library pocket that the tags actually tuck inside of. I removed them for photographing. The third page is again collaged using the Graphic 45 images. These pages are not completed as of yet, but provide the base for things to come.

This is the last page of signature one and the first page of the second signature.

And this is the inside of the second signature in which I used a variety of stamped images, collage items, and even a piece of packaging from some 7 Gypsies embellishments. I did a little more work on some of the items that I'll be adding into the book, one is a tag book that I'll upload next as I didn't want this post to become too photo-burdened and difficult to load.

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